Solar Walk

2017 | Animation & Orchestra performance | Réka Busci

The Solar System contain magnificent and peculiar phenomenons, the unique features of the planets, the attractive quality of the moons and the comets alarming trajectories. The work Solar Walk examines how you exists therein: How does it feel to be part of the biggest of all yet being so unimaginable small? How the a person fathom the universe? How does it affect our lives here and now – on earth?

Solar Walk is an artistic live performance that combines original, modern jazz, big band music, poetic songs and animated images. The work was composed by Niels Marthinsen and Susi Hyldgaard and performed live by Aarhus Jazz Orchestra feat. Susi Hyldgaard and Ingeborg Thisted Højlund under the direction of conductor Nikolai Bøgelund. Solar Walk is one of four original works in the ‘Origins’ series, supported by Aarhus 2017. The animated work was performed by internationally award-winning director Réka Bucsi, who was last year’s VAF artist. Produced by Nørlum in collaboration with The Animation Workshop and Sønc.