The Luxury of Choosing Pain

2019 | Video |

The installation ‘The Luxury of Choosing Pain’ consists of a 3D-animated film and a series of sculptural objects that explore the relationship between being an image, being a being and being a body. 

In the film, we follow a camera’s gaze as it hovers around an area populated by virtual characters: in one scene, we encounter a cyborg statue with a glass eye, the glass eye being modelled on a specific kind of glass eye manufactured for the French war veterans called Gueules Cassées, the broken faces, after the end of the first world war. In another scene we are presented with plants, who use flute sounds as their primary way of communication. The flute play, produced in collaboration with flutist Johanne Buus Andersen, forms the central element of the soundscape of the film, and acts as an auditory thread across the various scenarios presented by the film. 

Through references to historical phenomena and by engaging with what characterises the organic and the synthetic beings respectively, Gjerding asks a number of questions about the non-human gaze and the haunting, or animism, related to virtual existences.

Written by ORGANON for the opening of The Luxury of Choosing Pain exhibition which took place the 6th of August, 2019.

Our work consisted of scene setup, character modelling, rigging, animation, shading, fur simulation & rendering. Most of our work was produced at ARoS Atelier, as part of a residency Sophia Ioannou Gjerding was awarded for her final exhibition Prop People during her education at Jutland Art Academy.

Artist: Mark Tholander
Script: Mark Tholander
Voices: Kevin J. Bond, Janlyn Williams, Aundrea Sayrie, Joe Wilson Kolb
Camera: Mark Tholander
Animation of filmed footage: Mark Tholander
CGI: Lars Hemmingsen, Elisabet Hau, Midtjysk 3D Service
Vector animation (tiger): Sophia Ioannou Gjerding
Hand-drawn animation (tiger): Mark Tholander
Karaoke animation: Sergei Arzumanov
Composition (music): Mark Tholander
Bas: Damjan Kapor, Mitch Cockman
Guitar: David Tobias Bonde Jensen, Nicholas Di Gregorio, Sergei Arzumanov
Drums: Eli Mine, Emiliano Di Fiori
Piano: Mark Tholander
Marimba: Andrew Nittoli
Trumpet: Matt Giélla. Mihai Sorohan
Trombone: Rainers Vestmanis, Miks Jukumsons-Jukumnieks, Victor Fuenmayor
English horn: Jennifer Stucki
Synthesizer: Mark Tholander
Sound editing: William Kudahl