They built the widened coral reef

2019 | 2-channel video installation |

In ‘They built the widened coral reef’, different characters each exist in their own closed set, moving through a straight line, and even the foreground and background appear to slip past each other like parallel narratives. For example, one scene shows a restaurant owner accompanying the house pianist through a seemingly infinite industrial kitchen where chefs cut and chop, sending vegetables flying. Only when something disruptive enters the narrative, like a parasite, does disorientation arise. 

Written by Mark Tholander.

As part of Mark Tholanders education at Jutland Art Academy, we were tasked with creating digital scenography for two different locations in his graduation work. It included several different aspects of the 3D pipeline such as  modelling, shading, matte painting & rendering.

Artist: Mark Tholander
Script: Mark Tholander
Voices: Kevin J. Bond, Janlyn Williams, Aundrea Sayrie, Joe Wilson Kolb
Camera: Mark Tholander
Animation of filmed footage: Mark Tholander
CGI: Lars Hemmingsen, Elisabet Hau, Midtjysk 3D Service
Vector animation (tiger): Sophia Ioannou Gjerding
Hand-drawn animation (tiger): Mark Tholander
Karaoke animation: Sergei Arzumanov
Composition (music): Mark Tholander
Bas: Damjan Kapor, Mitch Cockman
Guitar: David Tobias Bonde Jensen, Nicholas Di Gregorio, Sergei Arzumanov
Drums: Eli Mine, Emiliano Di Fiori
Piano: Mark Tholander
Marimba: Andrew Nittoli
Trumpet: Matt Giélla. Mihai Sorohan
Trombone: Rainers Vestmanis, Miks Jukumsons-Jukumnieks, Victor Fuenmayor
English horn: Jennifer Stucki
Synthesizer: Mark Tholander
Sound editing: William Kudahl

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